About us – Goals & Objectives

With more than 25 years of Quantity Surveying experience under his belt, Andries Grobler established LEAP Quantity Surveyors in 2010. A company based on strong ethical values, skill and integrity, LEAPqs goes the distance to provide a professional and personal service, always focused on the client’s vision.

LEAPqs is proud to provide clients embarking on any construction project with the greatest possible degree of confidence that the financial details of the project are under control, and that the success of the project is always the prime objective.

As a team player, LEAPqs is no sideline number cruncher, but thrives on being innovative and proactive managers of a client’s budget, through increasing early and continuous involvement in every aspect of the project. LEAPqs strives to protect a client’s contractual and financial interests by upgrading the standard of estimates and economic viability studies and contract administration to achieve better and more accurate cost control.

When required, LEAPqs is able to meet client’s time constraints by managing the time investment necessary to produce tender and contract documentation to ensure that the preferred contractor is procured, appointed and enabled to commence with construction.

The ultimate goal at LEAPqs is securing the financial welfare of a client’s project by improving the bottom line, efficiently controlling the funds and ensuring that the project is not only satisfactorily completed, but on time and within budget.