without lacking in innovation or initiative


without being rigid and uncompromising


without ever losing sight of the client’s vision

LEAPqs is a quantity surveying company based in the Garden Route, providing clients across South Africa with professional construction and technical advice concerning the financial control of a development, whether private or public sector, residential, commercial or industrial. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, LEAPqs is a strong team player and acts on behalf of a client, working with planners, architects, engineers, developers and contractors to ensure the delivery of a project on time, within budget and to the client’s satisfaction. Personal, professional and passionate, LEAPqs  manages and controls costs within construction projects by preparing budget estimates and specialized cost reports to quantify and qualify construction materials, labour activities and associated costs anticipated for a proposed build.

By professionally managing the finances before (through estimations), during, and after (through consolidation) a project, LEAPqs  provides clients with a realistic and accurate real-time picture of the project, enabling the client to make informed and timely decisions which will ultimately secure financial and overall success of the venture.

Working with government, developers and contractors, governing boards and institutions, architects, landowners, speculators and corporate clientele throughout all phases of the design, development and building process, LEAPqs  ensures that a client’s vision comes to fruition without losing sight of the all important budget.

In short, we see the BIGGER PICTURE in the finest detail